Weekend Warmup

Bubble Butt. Bubble Bubble Bubble...

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August 9th, 2013

There’s hardly anytime to warm up this weekend… Crankworx is here!

Surfer Anastasia Ashley Twerking Warm-Up Dance

Bubble butt. Bubble, bubble, bubble butt.

Gymkhana on Dirt

This entire production is basically a Ken Block video on dirt. We’ve ordered a full set of these things for the Team.

Massive Bike Lake Jump


Bas van Steenbergen at Silver Star V2

Bas van Steenbergen ain’t no park joey. Although he might be for the first 45 seconds…

See you at Crankworx?

  • CoilAir

    Looks like someone missed her calling as a stripper, not a surfer. Seriously, that’s her “warm up” routine? Talk about attention-whore…

  • Dirk

    Ya. Some dude creeps on her ass while she goes through her warm-up routine. What an “attention whore”.

  • tashi

    More attention whores plsandthankx.

  • cunningstunts

    the look she gets from that blond surfer is priceless. like, what’s yer deal?