Video: Helmet Impact Testing

Smashing Buckets at Easton Bell Sports with ARF

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December 17th, 2012

While this video focuses on BMX helmets, and in mountain bikes it’s pretty much accepted that everyone wears helmets, the idea is still worth considering. Do you wear a helmet when you cruise to the store on your townie? Out on the slopes?

  • the Master Plan Dan

    I don’t think that they sell that helmet anymore. I also think that it had a warning on it or something stating that it wasn’t rated for use with bikes.

    But all that aside, what this article fails to mention is that everybody reacts differently to an impact to the head. Yeah the force is less but that could seriously hurt one person while the other walks away.

  • mthomaslee

    The biggest thing is for a helmet is a proper fit. You could have a massively expensive helmet, but if its too loose, then it won’t do it’s job of absorbing and dissipating the impact that would otherwise rattle your noggin.

    That being said, any time a leg goes over a top-tube, there should be a helmet on your head.