Video: Darker Days

Shot in a Mere 8 Hours of Daylight

Words by Spencer Graf. Photos by Virtu Media. Video by Virtu Media. Posted by
December 13th, 2012
Virtu Media - Darker Days

Typically during this time of the year in Kelowna, I’m up at the ski hill pretending to ride Rampage lines and roost corners as if I was on my bike. Injecting myself with a sort of self-medicating mental distraction, by straight lining groomers trying to top 125km/hr and sending massive spread eagles over jumps under the chair. But luckily this year we’ve been able to ride all the way into December. Even though the trails here aren’t completely snowed in yet, the evening hours have been dwindling down to a minimum… which sparked an idea for a quick edit. Matt and I wanted to shoot an edit in a day, starting in the dark and ending in the dark. Which gave us roughly 8 hours of light. These are the darker days of the Canadian off season.

Pretty solid edit for the short days we’re getting up here right now… only a week until those days get longer!

  • Jerry-Rig

    Kelowna trails…. mmmmmm

  • apac4

    What an awful song. Jesus.

  • maaaatt

    sick spencer! that looks like some dang fun bikin. i love the little bit of snow!

  • M.A.X

    Great riding, terrible music…