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Mason Mashon Banger for Wallpaper Wednesday

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March 13th, 2013

As a follow-up to this week’s 2013 NSMB Team launch article, here’s a desktop-sized version of that Mark Matthews banger shot by Mason Mashon over the Thompson River near Kamloops, BC.

NSMB Wallpaper Wednesday Thompson River Kamloops BC Mason Mashon Mark Matthews

Blasting above the Thompson River. Rider Mark Matthews. Photo Mason Mashon.

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  • stevens

    Such a sick shot, never get tired of looking at this one. Nice work boys!

  • stephenmatthews

    The Shark in his natural environment.

  • klankilla

    I love this picture.

    Thom and Mark are two beasts intertwined in this epic portrayal of lifes finer moments.