The Goods at Sea Otter – Day Three

More Gear from Sea Otter

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April 20th, 2013

The grounds at Laguna Seca were packed to the gills Saturday with people hoping to see the latest and greatest. We continued to roam and look for stuff that caught our eye…


Cedric Gracia just got the new DVO suspension set up on his V10.


We caught him doing some initial “testing”.


Banshee has just prototyped a short travel 29er. Likely to be 110-115mm in its final configuration, Banshee’s Jon Hadfield is just beginning testing with the new platform.


Internal dropper post routing on the aluminum frame is a feature we should see making its way on to other Banshee models soon.


Sock Guy, in addition to making the awesome NSMB wool socks, has socks with unicorns, Britishisms, and phrases that might offend your mother.

Aaron Chase

Aaron Chase wins ugliest bike of the day. A full roll of zebra duct tape and the Cannondale still comes in under 24 pounds.


Brendan Fairclough’s 210mm Scott Gambler may not be the best tool for the Sea Otter DH race tomorrow, but it is his primary World Cup rig.


Brendog’s helmet and knee brace from Troy Lee.


Titanium, weird fork, 10″ rotor… yup.


DirtySixer is a new outfit aimed at making big bikes for small people.


Hydraulic road brakes are finally upon us. Will you make the switch?

Gonna need a huge bike. Now.

  • Onegear

    36″ wheels? Just what we need another wheel size.

  • SubPlop

    ha! don’t give ’em any ideas

  • dorse

    I saw a flick of thirty-six inch wheels riding up stairs. Big wheels do roll over bigger things.