That Fresh Cedar

Wallpaper Wednesday Smell-O-Vision Edition

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February 6th, 2013

The North Shore is known for its woodwork: skinny or fat, high or low, each builder takes their own experience and vision to the woods. Trail work here is moving away from the stringers and slats of the past; some of these structures have returned to the forest, becoming objects of history, but there are still builders out there perfecting their craft…

NSMB Wallpaper Wednesday North Shore Fromme Boundary Cedar Skinny Ladder Bridge

The smell of fresh cedar on the Shore. Photo Morgan Taylor

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Give a good sniff… and then answer the question: would you hit it?

  • PeTer

    nice …

  • Heathen

    Love this new walpaper

  • playahata

    I know this stuff is out of fashion (and isnt fashion always cyclical – see hardtail thread etc etc) but thanks Karen – Im raising a beer to you right now… Cheers. M

  • Mordax

    Love that trail and love that photo.

    New office comp background!

  • RossputiN

    If this is the trail I’m thinking of, I remember dropping off the end of that (the ladder down had rotted / been removed), hitting the left side of the tranny and plowing through a rotted stump. LOL I was picking wood fibres out of my gear for weeks after!

  • syngltrkmnd

    Very cool! Added to the work PC.

  • Carrot Top

    Too bad that feature is no longer “fresh”.

  • Poz

    This one is a keeper.

  • morgman

    Stoked to see so many people like this one. Thanks for the comments!

  • MrBond

    Beautiful photo of a beautiful structure. Karen’s attention to detail is amazing, you can see it all over the trail!

  • SubPlop

    Smart design too with using the log twice for support, someone was thinking.

  • peterdaam

    Do i dare ask what trail this stunt is on?!

    • BillyFnJackson

      oh, you can ask alright ;D