Tim Coleman

Tim Pick 2016

Best of 2016 – Tim’s Picks

Engineering Perfection

Tim’s put together a worthy stack of both things and experiences that stood out this year.

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2017 Kona Operator – Ridden at Retallack

Ripping At Retallack

“Two corners into the first trail, I couldn’t help by giggle out loud at how willing the Operator is to dive into corners and power wheelie out…”

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CamelBak Skyline 10 LR – Reviewed

The Skyline 10LR is designed for getting aggressive downhill while carrying everything you need – can you say enduro…

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Shimano AM5 Shoes

Words - Tim Coleman

The AM5 is a new model for 2016 and it’s labelled as an all mountain shoe – but Tim tested them for DH use for good measure…

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2016 GT Sanction Team: Full Review

A Neon Descent Machine

“If your focus is descending or you’re racing enduros, you will thoroughly enjoy your time on the 2016 GT Sanction Team…”

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Bell Super 2 MIPS

Words - Tim Coleman

“I was so preoccupied with a dislocated finger that I hadn’t noticed I’d hit my head…”

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First Look: GT Sanction Team

Words - Tim Coleman

“…the build on the GT Sanction Team appears to err on the side of ‘ravage the descents’.”

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Kaz Yamamura’s Top 15 Of ’15

Kaz Yamamura's 15 Favourite Photos From 2015

Photographer Kaz Yamamura shares his personal favourite photos from 2015…

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Santa Cruz V10 C and CC long term reviews

Two bikes, two riders

Dueling Downhillers: Tim Coleman and Mike Wallace spent a season long-term testing the Santa Cruz V10 C and CC.

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Michelin Tires vs. Squamish Dirt

Grip'R, Race'R, Rock'R

Perhaps you need some French tires in your life, with a name that ends in ‘R…

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2016 Cane Creek DB COIL Climb Switch

Ridden and Reviewed

“I have been praying to the gods of cycling that Cane Creek would build a shock with the DH cred of the DB Coil, with the Climb Switch function…”

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