santa cruz syndicate

Syndicate Signs 2 Recruits

Hazed by Peaty

“The Santa Cruz Syndicate goes transcontinental in 2017 with fresh signings of Luca Shaw from the USA, and Loris Vergier of France…”

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Peaty – Pissed Up with a Chainsaw

Last Orders

“It’s nice that he’s in his race kit and sober rather than pissed up with a chainsaw…” The bittersweet tale of Peaty’s last season…

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Peaty’s Last Fort William

Minnaar's 19th Win!

An emotional race with the Stevie Smith train of riders and ghost run and Steve Peat’s last race as a pro at Fort William…

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The Syndicate Does Cairns

Shenanigans Down Under

Ratboy and Minnaar do a spot of suspension testing, get their nutrition dialled in, and get their colouring on. Oh, and something about a bike race too.

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Santa Cruz Syndicate Thumb

Sending it With the Santa Cruz Syndicate

Ratboy, Minnaar and Peaty are Back!

Follow the lads as they get prepped for the first World Cup race of 2016, and have a spot of fun along the way.

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Ratboy On Fire

Loose As

Is there anyone who rides with the frantic calm of Josh Bryceland?

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Steve Peat to retire after 2016

It'll be a hell of a Victory Lap

True to form for Steve Peat, he used this low-key but beautiful trail riding vid to announce his retirement after the 2016 World Cup. Farewell, Peaty.

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The Syndicate Crushes Andorra

Railing ruts...

Ratboy is fast and loose, while Minnaar sweats the small details. Both of them ended up on the 3-man podium at Andorra.

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Syndicate Behind The Scenes from MSA 2015

God Save Colleen?

Does Josh or Greg geek out more over suspension tuning? Everyone is happy when Ratboy takes the win, except perhaps the Queen…

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Mont Ste Anne 2015 Highlights

Day of the Rat

Fantastic racing action captures a crowd favourite winning – and only the third race winner of the year…

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Minnaar and Ratboy in Leogang

Bryceland Returns to Form, Minnaar isn't done yet

“…Josh had treatment all week and made huge strides in order to ride, let alone pin it on his way to a top ten run.”

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Ratboy Leogang Practice Helmet Cam

Go Ratboy!

If you aren’t hoping Josh gets back on the podium you may be racing against him…

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Ratboy Helmet Cam

Lourdes Is On

Is the Rat the man to beat? We have a feeling he’s going to be on point…

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This is Peaty: Season 3 Episode 6

The Rat Boy One

Full Moon World Champs, Absinthe, Blue Zebras and other Syndicate Shenaniganing.

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This is Peaty – Episode 6

That's a Wrap

Could Rat take the overall or would nerves get the better? Could Peaty regain some end of season form and hit the podium?

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