Beaconventure thumb

Ratboy and Loosedog’s Grand Beaconventure

A 50to01 x Fabric CoLab

“We’re gonna ride up a beautiful mountain in Wales, and once we have located the summit, we shall cycle there.”

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Revolution Bike Park Thumb

50to01 x Revolution Bike Park

The Signature Line

The 50to01 crew have been hard at work dialling in their line at Revolution Bike Park, and it’s almost ready. Almost.

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REvolution Thumb

50to01 Crushing the Freeride Line at Revolution

A Pre-Ride Party with Ratboy and the Gang

There’s nothing like a little quality control riding before the public gets a crack at a new trail…

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50to01 – This Must Be the Place for Ratboy and Co.

Running the Change Up

The lads mix things up with a longer cut of their shenanigans as they roam all over.

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Cyclocross Thumb

Josh Bryceland: Pro Cyclocross Racer

Getting Weird At SSCXW

All bets are off for Ratboy as he tries his luck at one of the strangest races known to cyclists…

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Peaty Follows Ratboy Helmet Cam – Vallnord 2016

A Last Bow for a Champ

Peaty has qualified for the final World Cup of his career – if he’s to be believed – and here’s the last time we’ll see him follow Ratboy at this level…

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Ratboy Helmet Cam – MSA 2016

Fast Rat

As usual Ratboy gives us some colourful commentary and some expressions of sheer joy on the way down the track…

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Lenzerheide 2016 Complete Results

Not Spoiled

Great Racing from Lenzerheide with top riders laying down clean runs – but we aren’t going to tell you who won until you click…

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Ratboy Helmet Cam: Lenzerheide 2016

Go Ratboy Go!

Lenzerheide is long, rough, steep and unforgiving – which should make for some fantastic racing on Sunday morning…

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Peaty’s Last Fort William

Minnaar's 19th Win!

An emotional race with the Stevie Smith train of riders and ghost run and Steve Peat’s last race as a pro at Fort William…

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British Pie Thumb

A Slice of British Pie

25 Minutes of UK Excellence

“Combine Josh Bryceland, Phil Atwill, Brendan Fairclough and a bunch of other riders. Add in some wintery British slopes and you’ve got yourself a slice of lunacy…”

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The Syndicate Does Cairns

Shenanigans Down Under

Ratboy and Minnaar do a spot of suspension testing, get their nutrition dialled in, and get their colouring on. Oh, and something about a bike race too.

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Ratboy Helmet Cam: Lourdes 2016

Ratty gives it a good go

“Coming into the trees with that much speed does not seem like a longevity-optimization technique, but these guys do it weekly…”

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Santa Cruz Syndicate Thumb

Sending it With the Santa Cruz Syndicate

Ratboy, Minnaar and Peaty are Back!

Follow the lads as they get prepped for the first World Cup race of 2016, and have a spot of fun along the way.

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Ratboy – Lourdes Helmet Cam

Josh Bryceland on Pace

This makes you realize that Claudio’s talking pace is a little different than Ratboy with the throttle twisted…

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