Kyle Mears

Cap’n Ahab in Moab with Kyle Mears

Buckle Up

Nate Hills follows Kyle Mears at a frantic pace down Moab’s Captain Ahab – a trail that man mortals pick their way through…

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Kyle Mears gets Next Level Steep

Burly As They Come

This line gives me nightmares and I’ve never seen it in person – but Kyle Mears steps up and rides it a Billy Goat…

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Pipe Dream Thumb

Chasing a Pipe Dream

Nate Hills' Follow Cam Action

It’s a “local” loop in Utah for Hills and fellow rider Kyle Mears

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White Line to Little Horse

Only The Best Trails

This helmet cam – lead instead of follow – is a great perspective, with some sick drone footage added for spice…

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Cliff Edge Riding

Gold Bar Rim

Nate Hills follows Kyle Mears as they ride as close as possible to the edge for Gold Bar Rim trail – while certain death awaits to the left…

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Getting Rad on Cap’n Ahab in Moab

Pack Your Bags

Riding the lower section of Captain Ahab in Moab Utah with Botsy Phillips, James Weingarten and Kyle Mears…

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Ride Sedona’s Hogs to Pig Tail

Rad Riding In Sedona

Kyle Mears and Nate Hills squeezing out the last hours of daylight to ride a spectacular Sedona trail…

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