Follow Cam Friday

Desert Dwellers Ride Top Of The World

Top Of The World

Nate Hills follows a rotating crew of riders starting at the Peak of Whistler in the Bike Park on a nasty day…

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Teocalli Ridge Thumb

Nate Hills Sends it on Teocalli Ridge


Hills gets in front of the camera for this Crested Butte, CO. classic line…

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Crested Butte Thumb

Crushing Trail in Crested Butte


Nate Hills digs into the archives for some quality Colorado action…

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Cap’n Ahab in Moab with Kyle Mears

Buckle Up

Nate Hills follows Kyle Mears at a frantic pace down Moab’s Captain Ahab – a trail that man mortals pick their way through…

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Nate Hills Thumb

Nate Hills’ FollowCam Roundup

A Year in Review

Yeti Ambassador Nate Hills has ridden some truly incredible lines in the past year…

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Enduro Freeride at Bartlett Wash

"I trust you..."

“You can ride wherever you like as long as you do not disturb vegetation or sensitive soils – basically a giant skate park…”

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Pipe Dream Thumb

Chasing a Pipe Dream

Nate Hills' Follow Cam Action

It’s a “local” loop in Utah for Hills and fellow rider Kyle Mears

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Bartlett Wash Thumb

Infinite Lines in Bartlett Wash

Choose Your Adventure with Nate Hills

It’s nature’s own skatepark just 20 miles north of Moab. Prime pickings for some classic freeride moves.

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Riding the Ribbon

Brake Pads in the Dumpster

This trail is overflowing with rad – amazing rock formations, some gentle exposure and spots where you hit 60 km/h…

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Lower Hangover in Sedona

Nate Hills POV

Lots of no fall zones here but also several spots where you can’t even stop or put a foot down – but you’ll still want to ride it…

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White Line to Little Horse

Only The Best Trails

This helmet cam – lead instead of follow – is a great perspective, with some sick drone footage added for spice…

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