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E-bikes With Uncle Dave

Talking E-bikes With Uncle Dave

Can We Agree?

” Are we guiding the sport? Or are we just another arm that can be used to sell people shit that they don’t really need…”

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Specialized & the E-Bike Dilemma

Hornets Nest Stirred

“We just sent the bikes to pretty much all of our guys. Curtis, Dylan, Loic, Troy, all the guys and said, you don’t have to make a video…”

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Has the Coastal Crew Sold Out?

Be E-Skeptical

“They are, after all, some of the most genuine and humble riders in the sport, untainted by sugar water sponsorhip…”

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Happy Holidays From NSMB

“Don’t knock it until you try it.” Wait – what exactly are they talking about?

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Ask Uncle Dave – E-Road Rage

Is it Me Uncle Dave?

“Like a George W. Bush era terrorist, they hate your freedom. Really, you’re just asking for it…”

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Loam Ranger Goes Electric

MTB's Whipping Boy

The first time one passed me on the climb I was wishing I lived in an open carry state

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