Alps Dust Thumb

Raw Dusty Days in the Alps

Champéry is All Time in December

No snow in Switzerland means riders are having one of the biggest seasons in years…

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December Dust Thumb

December Dust in Champéry

No Snow? No Problem

The renowned track at Champéry might be bone dry right now, but the ski world’s loss is the bike world’s gain.

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Brendog Champéry Thumb

Brendog Crushing it at Champéry

Peanut Butter Powerslides

There isn’t a corner out there sloppy enough to halt the Brendan Fairclough express…

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Champéry Thumb

Champéry: Fully Savage in the Dry

All Metal, All the Time

A scary-steep trail that’s even faster and gnarlier when it’s dry…

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