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Who Got a Rampage Invite?

Going Off For the 10th Rampage

Hype for the tenth Rampage is building fast – especially for the 42 athletes from 13 nations who got a letter in the mail…

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Cementing a Legacy with Just One Run

Brandon Semenuk Conquers Joyride

“Beneath the logos and behind the goggles, these riders deal with the pressure of competition in a sport that punishes the smallest mistakes with broken bones…”

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Can One Guy Ruin Crankworx?

Ask Uncle Dave

“I bet he goes home and yells at his dog to stop wagging its tail, citing some obscure no-tail-wagging rules…”

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Semenuk Takes Joyride 2015

His Fourth (and Third in a Row)

Semenuk manufactured his fourth Joyride victory (and third in a row) with style and precision and he made it look easy – again…

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Semenuk’s One Shot Segment = unReal

One Of The Best Ever

Semenuk uses two different bikes (and a truck) but the camera never cuts – that’s one single long shot…

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100 Ridiculous Raw Seconds with Semenuk


Brandon rails a slick-tired dirt jumper like it’s a rally car – for 100 crazy seconds…

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Slopestyle Results and Vid Rotorua 2015

Cork 720s anyone?

Brett Rheeder takes the crown on a course that let the some riders show their best stuff – but confounded others…

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Brandon Semenuk – RAW 100

No Music, Just Shredding

100 seconds of pure shredding with Brandon Semenuk, with no music.

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The Death Of Post Office


“Never Forgotten, Always Our Home” – a Tribute to the Post Office Jumps…

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Rampage 2014 Highlights, POV, Top Runs

Catch clips of the best action from Rampage 2014 including Andreu’s winning run and Zink’s massive spin

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Rampage 2014 Replay

Pretend it's Live

Watch it old school from start to finish or choose the runs you want to see

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Rampage Carnage from 2013

The Best Crashes

Explosive impacts, broken bones and near misses from Zink, Gully, Chubey, Matthews, Semenuk, Binggelli…

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Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.29.24 AM

SRAM Steps to the Top – Red Bull Joyride

Great wrap-up vid from SRAM Media

Semenuk, Rheeder, Messere, Peat: Joyride athletes running a Canadian flag took the top four spots at Joyride in 2014.

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Semenuk’s Winning Run

Perfection in one run

Square landings and smooth, slow rotations made him the tallest guy on the podium. And 25G richer.

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Life Behind Bars Ep. 4-6

Trading Bars for Reins

A little catch up on Life Behind Bars gives us Coast Gravity Park, Horses and some east coast action

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