Ask Uncle Dave

Demystifying Fork Offset and Trail

Ask Uncle Dave

“Very occasionally, Uncle Dave feels the need to talk about something technical, such that he can maintain his bona fides as a ‘bicycle expert.'”

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Ask Uncle Dave – Contractual Obligations

Mailing It In

“I’m a little bit saddened that Specialized Gravity thought that this was the fourth most important piece of information…”

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E-bikes With Uncle Dave

Talking E-bikes With Uncle Dave

Can We Agree?

” Are we guiding the sport? Or are we just another arm that can be used to sell people shit that they don’t really need…”

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Ask Uncle Dave – How do I Break my funk?

Dave's Got Answers

“It’s easy to feel inadequate if you aren’t slaying foreign trail with a Red Bull in one hand and a Gopro in the other…”

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Uncle Dave Succumbs to the Nog

Ask Uncle Dave

Uncle Dave is here to cheer you up – by making you feel better about your 2016 – but at least he’s still keen on sharing music…

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Ask Uncle Dave – How to Give Back

Don't Be A Dick

“If we all start riding like that, we’re not going to have any trails left due to all the damage we will cause and people we will piss off…”

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Uncle Dave Wants You off his Lawn

Ask Uncle Dave

“Maybe some cop saying you can’t drink a beer on the beach. Or some old guy with a moustache lecturing you trailside about your mountain bike…”

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Uncle Dave Gives Dental Advice

That's Gonna Hurt

“I crashed 10 years ago and my tooth turned blue. Should I get it fixed and give up my bluetooth joke or keep it…”

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Activities to Preserve Sanity When You Can’t Ride

Ask Uncle Dave

My wife has compared me to our dog in the sense that I need some sort of activity every day or I get all fidgety, at least I hope that’s what she meant…

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Stuck in an Echo Chamber

Uncle Dave Tackles Trump & Hillary

“I waded through pictures of myself peppered with insane hashtags and dog whistles, and I actually started to feel a bit sad…”

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How to Rip Like A Rider From B.C.?

Ask Uncle Dave

“At night, between mouthfuls of food, we’d discuss how… the skill set of BC riders is light years ahead of us…”

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Talking to Women

Ask Uncle Dave

“No matter what you’re doing, a mountain biker is standing on the side of a trail somewhere, waiting to tell you that you’re doing it wrong…”

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Mountain Biking Sucks!

Ask Uncle Dave

“Some scoundrel, maybe even the Industry, had taken that rock and skinny filled monstrosity and replaced it with a baby-bottomed smooth “flow trail” that required zero skill to navigate…’

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I Buy Online: Should I Feel Guilty?

Ask Uncle Dave

“The last thing I want is to travel 4hrs by kangaroo to the nearest town, only to be scrwed over by the bike shop charging double what it costs online…”

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I’m a Grassroots Racer – Do I Deserve a Deal?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Is anybody, at all, swayed into a purchasing decision based on the gear choice of a mid-pack Cat 1 DH racer?”

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