Switzerland Alpine by Bus

Shuttles from Big Yellow

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December 10th, 2012

Well that beats the heck out of the only bus shuttle near Vancouver, which is worth about 250 metres of elevation. Do you have a local transit access lap?

  • boomforeal

    wait, why do i live in north america again?

  • MTB Trails

    Getting to Switzerland and doing this isn’t as expensive as people might think.

  • orangecoat

    I’ve used Translink in Rosland/Trail to shuttle “Oasis”. It worked pretty well.

  • dmx

    Looks cool. But not the biggest shuttle. On the Italian-Swiss border near Livigno there’s the Bernina Freeride Express. Descending the Bernina glacier and shuttling by train (Rätische Bahn). The views from the train are stunning.

  • MTB Trails

    Bernina to say Poschiavo isn’t as far and isn’t as long. Even one leg of this shuttle – say the Furka Pass leg is as long as Bernina to Poschiavo. And if you mean Bernina to Pontresina thats even shorter.