Stephen Matthews: The Shore

Matt Dennison Video for NSMB Team

Words by Stephen Matthews. Photos by . Video by Matt Dennison. Posted by
April 16th, 2013

My experiences riding on Cypress are completely and will forever be divided. No other mountain on The Shore presents me with such uncertain outcomes, every ride is a different animal entirely. The mountain’s terrain presents everything from fast technical riding, to creeper rock lines and drops – it’s really a downhiller’s dream. Matt Dennison and I managed to schedule a shoot that aligned with good weather, and we got an early start to a personal favourite trail. Although it’s fun to point and shoot rock faces, I’m always a fan of carving into rich dirt, and zig-zagging my way through the forest.


The trails on Cypress demand a bit of respect, and they tend to bite back. I’ve had a few spills on the network that have left me with my tail between my legs and not wanting more. I like that though, the feel of intimidation, not the real pain itself. A lot of the features here put you in your place, and they make you think twice.


I’m pretty happy with my division of DH/AM bike time this winter. Through North Vancouver’s winter months, when the snow line was low, I felt quite fortunate to be regularly riding my AM bike. But as the snowline receded, my DH bike beckoned and it anxiously was brought out into daylight. I absolutely love getting back on my downhill bike after an extended period of AM riding. Everything about them screams possible, and as the speed of the ride increases, so does the opportunity for fun.


With the beautiful start to Spring we’ve had, it’s tough to spend any amount of time inside looking out. I hadn’t done a filming project with Matt since last season, and it’s always inspiring to see how he all puts it all together. Enjoy the video, and I’ll see you on The Shore!

Dirt surfing and helicopters – does it get any better? Great job boys!

  • scottsecco

    Whoah, that was awesome! Making the Shore look fast isn’t easy, nice work guys.

  • FlipFantasia

    it’s easy to make the shore look fast when you have a killer rider and don’t use gratuitous slow-mo. Matt’s videos are better than everyone else’s because of minimal slow-mo, imo…

    • Mmatthews

      Agreed! The filming and riding in this one is awesome.

  • morgman

    I love watching Stephen pump the trail and find the optional lines that make riding the Shore super smooth. Is it big bike season yet?

  • Cheez1ts

    Everything about this video makes it so good. It’s calming yet stoke inducing. Beauty.

  • biking_cam

    Well that made me want to ride! What was the song?

    Great work.

    • stephenmatthews

      Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer

  • dork

    Wicked! I can’t wait to ride some fast trails!

  • Woodro

    Mathews = Clydesdale. On it

  • Woodro

    Dennison = New Level

  • Woodro


  • Jerry-Rig


  • thaaad

    Is this a marked trail or hidden?

    If it’s marked which one is it? If it’s hidden… then leave it hidden 🙂

    • Bentleysuper8

      I think there are clips from several trails. Thought I recognized some of them but a lot I don’t. I certainly have never seen that shack at 00:45. The only part I can 100% identify is Brutus, the big drop at the end.

  • SubPlop

    dare I say perfect edit? Yup, said it.

    Great work once again.

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