SRAM XX1 & X01 Eagle 12spd!

10-50t 12spd is here

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March 24th, 2016

SRAM Press Release
Introducing SRAM Eagle™ Technology, our most advanced and highest-performing drivetrains to date. The new XX1 and X01 drivetrains, featuring Eagle™ Technology, are collections of components that have been engineered for a whole new level of ride quality and integration. These drivetrains have not only been refined, we have torn them apart, built them up, tested, tweaked, engineered and tested again. Eagle™ Technology delivers a drivetrain that is smoother, simpler, more durable and quieter than anything you’ve ever ridden. Add to that Eagle’s massive  gear range, and you have greater freedom to ride how you want, where you want. Performance, durability, simplicity, range, freedom: Introducing Eagle™, only from SRAM.



Weighing in at 465g with a 32 tooth ring and no BB.


Now going to 50.



12 speed is here for both XX1 and X01.



355g for a 10-50t 12 speed cassette?


Brand new chains are said to make 12 speed “ultra smooth.”


At 495g the X01 crankset is a mere 30g heavier than XX1.


276g of parallelogramage.



Shifter. This is a shifter.



The text says 355g – so no heavier than the XX1.




Say things about 12 spd below. If you’d like.

  • Almost two years to the day for this to come true:

    • Perry Schebel

      you soothsayer, you. nicely done!

      • In honour of my forward-thinkingness, I’m currently building a bike with retro-grouchy 2×10.

      • Perry Schebel

        I like the idea of doing a lightweight compact 2x. ie, 10-28 (or so) rear with correspondingly small front rings. something svelte and premium. get the weight off the rear. I bet weight would be close (assuming you’re also relying on the fd for chain management in lieu of a front guide).

      • Interesting to consider. I think you’d still be limited at the long end of the gear range with a setup like that.

      • YVR

        Hence the Achilles Heel of the 1x system. Road bikes resolved this issue in the 1×5 day with an additional chainring. Now road bikes are the lightest, climb the steepest and have the range to sprint to 70 kph. In contrast, Enduro and Shore riders are attempting to ‘save weight’ with a 1x with crazy gear jumps while running a chain guide.

      • This cassette gives 1x riders more gear range than any road double combination you can make up. Sure, some of the jumps between gears are larger, but people don’t seem to care. It’s not all about weight. It’s about sound, simplicity, and riding rad stuff.

      • YVR

        Adding range is easy. Entry-level department store MTBs have had the pie plate large cog ‘climbing gear’ for years … on 8-speed – doesn’t make it an engineering marvel. Chain drops during back-pedaling, extra-long derailleur cages, fitment issues between frame designs, huge jumps between cogs and $400 cassettes are not ‘sound’, ‘simple’ or ‘rad’. They represent a engineering de-evolution, not revolution. Pick a side – climbing ability or speed. Attempting to mix both together in a single cassette is bush-league.

      • Copy that and send it in to Uncle Dave, you’re onto something.

    • Tim Ambler

      It sure would be nice if they started to offer different size cassettes on these systems like the old days. I’m no retro-grouch; 11-spd, 12-spd, 18-spd is fine by me. But jumping from 6T from 36T to 42T is noticeably annoying so 42T to 50T is going to feel even worse. It’s fine for them to offer a 50T cassette for someone who just wants the bailout but I’d love to see a 12-spd 10-44 cassette to give me better jumps and I’ll run a suitable chainring for my terrain.

      • Sounds to me like you’re better off in the Shimano camp for now. They even named it Rhythm Step.

      • Nat Brown

        The 10-12 shift is (ever so slightly) larger in proportion. (Which doesn’t refute your point.)

    • Nat Brown

      You beat me to it- before I finished reading the first paragraph I thought I would post a link your article on this.

  • Andrew Drennan


  • All Gold Everything

    April 1st is next week……

  • Alex

    This is so 650b

    • Alex

      In actual seriousness, I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing an all steel SRAM 11 speed cassette (since the 10-42 of the 12 speed is steel). That’d be nice.

  • ZigaK

    If somebody could measure the cog pitch on the new cassette I would be very interested.
    Assuming that the overall width of the cassette didn’t change (it has the same xd driver and no overhang ala shimano) the new cog pitch should be around 3.9×11/12 = 3.6 mm.

    • Apparently the 50T has been pushed 2mm further inboard. Can’t see that helping with the tendency of 11-speed systems to drop cogs on backpedal.

      • ZigaK

        Yes, I just read that.
        (3.9×11+2)/12 = 3.75, that is very close to the sram road 11sp cassette. Could prove a useful hack for someone who wants more tightly spaced gears

  • Cooper

    I’ll just leave this here…

  • Andy Eunson

    They ain’t given that shit away. Shimano double will give that range for less and work better. Although they say they have fixed the self loosening and creaks. Somebody wanna test that for me?

  • Drinky Crow

    I’m starting to hate Sram like I used to hate Shimano.