She Does It Right

She Rides A Bike

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October 22nd, 2013

Warning: this video features gratuitous skidding and all-out freeriding… just what you were looking for?

They did it right. This video will get a lot of views.

  • Papa Kern

    There is something that excites me about this video, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

  • jpi

    I’m sure there’s a thread for this!

  • Jerry-Rig


  • Cheez1ts

    Dean W’s been playing with helmet cams and showing off his girls for years, but hasn’t had half the attention. He aughtta take note on how to “do it right”.

  • metroneck

    Meh, she’s double fingering her brake.

    Such a turn-off.

  • Oggy1380

    At delamer forest,will keep an eye out for them….

  • texas

    her suspension is set up shockingly well. she also has a sweet rack.

  • DDDonny


  • Devon James

    boob-cam is evil