Richie Schley POV on Treasure Trail

"Awww I hate skinnies..."

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January 9th, 2017

In a riding mecca full of world-renowned classics, one trail name is getting a mountain lion’s share of mentions these days. If you’re talking about Squamish, and want to see not how, but if you stack up, there is a new standard and it’s the Treasure Trail.

Richie Schley famously doesn’t like skinnies or the classic ‘old school’ trails of the north shore. Fair enough – he’s earned his keep on the steeps of Kamloops and the show-and-tell beaches of Laguna. But in all sarcasm, the guy can ride, and regularly shows up in a vid with his old buddy Wade (and also Matt Ryan in this case). Gotta give him some A-for-effort points because he keeps claiming to love this trail, but I’m not entirely buying it. Anyway, here’s a POV vid of the trail. If I’m being honest, the video quality is actually poor but it doesn’t matter; the trail looks burly and the guys are having fun. If you expect much more than that out of a POV vid, you’ve had one kool-aid too many, son.

How about Treasure Trail in the snow we have right now? Someone must have laid down fresh tracks…

  • Matt Funk

    I thought these guys could ride? They took the punter line at the beginning instead of the rock spine.

    • CoilAir

      “I thought these guys could ride?”

      LOL, you’re hilarious. Ever ridden with Wade? Good luck keeping up!

      • Matt Funk

        I dunno… we’d have to compare our stravars

      • If you’re worried about Wade’s strava times, you’re not going to enjoy riding with Wade. He’s fast for sure, but he’s also more fun to follow than anyone I’ve ever ridden with – and that’s what everyone always says about riding with Wade.

      • David Reid

        Mano-y-mano competition! Wade Simmons versus Matt Funk on Treasure! I am getting a trail side seat, and I know who I am betting on. Bring it on.

      • Jonathan Mahec


  • james

    is that trail even steep?