Refitting Expresso with Digger and MEC Trail Crews with Video from Matt Dennison

Words by Morgan Taylor. Photos by . Video by Matt Dennison. Posted by
July 22nd, 2013

When the NSMBA introduced the TAP program back in 2011, the wheels were already in motion on the revitalization of Expresso on Mt. Fromme. Through the MEC Trail Fund in years past, had helped line Digger up with projects on King of the Shore, Ladies Only, Big Stupid, and Lower Ladies. The veteran builder was thirsty for yet another marquee project and Expresso was a prime candidate for a Digger-ization.

In 2012 we broke ground on Expresso – and it was a project of such large scope that Digger couldn’t do it alone as he had with the other trails supported by the MEC Trail Fund. Fortunately the TAP program expanded to include Fromme, and we were able to put not one, but two trail crews to work. Six trail days from our / RockShox crew and another six from the folks at MEC.

Many hands made light work and Digger’s vision became reality fifty to a hundred metres at a time. Now in our second year of a double TAP adoption, a ribbon of gold stretches most of the way from Mountain Highway down to the Baden Powell Trail.

The work we’ve put in is nothing short of amazing. The highly eroded, expert only original line now has a more intermediate-friendly parallel that’s fun for everyone. Not to toot our own horns too much here, but if you haven’t been up to see the new work, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Care for a shot of Expresso?

  • wa90

    Outstanding buffage.

    Not sure what has gone wrong with the music on that video though. 😀

  • DC

    The trail is riding great. It’s fast and smooth but still has some optional features to keep things interesting.

    The bottom is still a chundery mess. Is the plan to keep going or is the work wrapped up for now?

  • Jerry-Rig

    The plan is to keep going till the bottom. The more volunteers that come out, the quicker we can get er done. Next NSMB trail day will be in September sometime.

    • bcmitchells

      Excellent. Isaac has been bugging me regularly to get back up there and get some more done. He’s quite pleased with his video stardom 🙂

  • DC

    Great to hear. I will make an effort to help out in September. I’ll be really interested to see what approach is taken with the steep, fall line section that directly follows the end of the new work.

  • Bryce

    i like the one-eyed dog. You guys should consider training your dogs to dig up the organic

  • LostBoyScout

    Really, really well put together video! Music included. Expresso is the new expresso.

  • Woodro

    Love the work you guys are doing up there! Digs, Willows, all the crew at MEC, RockShox and the hard rockin crew at – keep up the good work!!