Operation Schnapps

A 10-Year Throwback Thursday

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February 14th, 2013

It’s raw, it’s amateur, and it’s part of mountain bike history. 2003, a time where your freeride bike and your dirt jump bike were still the same thing – and both disciplines were really still in their infancy. 24″ wheels had yet to be banished, and they were being ridden right off the mountain into the skatebowl. Operation Schnapps. You might need to wait for the weekend to watch the whole thing, but the history lesson is worth it.

Name that trail… what were you doing in 2003? (Also, if you felt so inclined, you could hook up a fresh Bicycle Rockers tee.)

  • Chump


  • JohnGleeson10

    just getting back into riding after awhile and this made me smile.

  • klankilla

    Its crazy how much things have changed in a short 10 years, even the production of movies. I cant imagine where it will be in another 10.

  • Midas

    This is a major mtb milestone.

  • Paul Snyder

    Galusky is hitting the Ned’s gap. That’s one trail.

  • Random Hero

    To think I still rode the same bike from 2003 to 2012.. What a flashback of good memories that was.

    • SubPlop

      but your stil crashing just as hard… haha!

  • LostBoyScout

    Coquitlam dirt jumps, Coquitlam skate park… yep a bit nostalgic.

  • Ship-it-fed-ex

    Chuuch be easy!

  • Zaskar

    Flashback! ’03 for the win.

  • clown

    Nice ! to see some old school Burke stuff in there……

  • rhystard

    man, rochester roof gap?

    way to make a guy feel old.