NSMBA Toonies Start This Week!

Every Thursday for the Next 6 Weeks

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June 12th, 2013

The NSMBA Toonie Enduro Series fires up this Thursday evening on Mt. Fromme. Races will be every Thursday night for the next 6 weeks straight. Racers will be timed using a RFID timing system with 3 timed stages per race night. Sign in will be at the 2nd gate on Fromme between 5:30pm and 6:30pm.

Courses are set out in a loop with the main climbs being untimed liaison sections; the special stages are the fun sections of trail we love. Special stages will be at least 80% descending.

NSMBA has invested in SportIdent RFID timing system. This takes the complication out of timing and will allow for a rolling start. Come sign in get your timing card then set off on your own pace. If you happen to leave work 5 minutes late or get stuck in traffic not need to stress about missing the mass start.

The first course will be on the north side of Mountain Highway:

Liaison Stage – Climb to 5th switchback, untimed
Special Stage – Crinkum, Kirkford, Cedar, timed
Liaison Stage – Cedar to Upper Griffin, untimed (this is really short)
Special Stage – Upper Griffin, Lower Griffin, King of the Shore (first two switchbacks very small climb), timed
Liaison Stage – King of the Shore, Mountain Hwy to Floppy Bunny, untimed
Special Stage – Floppy Bunny, timed

Races will run every Thursday night until July 18th.

Toonie Race 2013-01

Have you pre-ridden the Toonie course yet? What tires are you going to run?

  • pete

    Damn, just a bit late to get there on time but headed up to check it out anyway and scope the turnout.