NSMB Goes Balls Out at Interbike

Letting It All Hang Out

Video by Matt Dennison. Posted by
September 20th, 2013

Balls Out At Interbike from on Vimeo.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

  • craw

    This video looks like the best part of Interbike! Hope you guys have time for another!
    Also, how many freaking times do I need to log in to leave a comment??

  • stephenmatthews

    The cooler joke was top drawer. Loved it!

  • Jerry-Rig

    Scooter – Roller Blades – Stand UP Paddleboards = what Morgan said

  • col_in_van

    Hmmm, second video of Morgan being a Jerk at interbike. Having a laugh at other peoples expense is recycling other comedy acts, it was funny for a while back in 2005 and certainly has it’s part when there is a dodgy politician involved. But this whole video (and the previous) made me cringe the from beginning to end. Morgan I’ve meet you in person on the trails a few times and your a nice guy, try another angle for your media presence as this one does you no favors!

    • Ted Debiase

      Col come on lighten up. Best vis on here by far! Have a laugh lighten up.

    • walleater

      Interbike was ‘cooler’ in 2005 😉 May as well laugh at it these days as I don’t know what other purpose it has.


    Aside from the Lezyne Digital Shock Pump and Dakine Fanny Pack, this video is probably the best thing to come out of Interbike

  • Oldfart

    Your killin’ me. You opening for tiny Elvis at the flamingo all week? But seriously. How about a little report on neat stuff.

  • Uncle Duke

    oh man that was funny. i almost sprayed tea all over my computer…

  • GladePlayboy

    So, if Interbike is this much of a joke, why bother going?

  • cam

    We appreciate the comments, positive and negative. We learn a lot from the feedback we get, but to be clear our goal isn’t to please everyone. If this isn’t your cup of tea we’re sorry, but we’re not sorry about trying to do something fun and creative. The challenge with Interbike is that everyone is chasing the same things and regurgitating the same marketing spiel about new bikes and products. If that bores some of you guess how much it bores us after doing it for years? So we produced something fun. And while it may seem that we were having fun at the expense of others they were actually in on the joke, if not before then certainly after. No egos were harmed in this production.

    Glade Playboy – I’m not sure what point you were trying to make. If something can be made fun of it has no value? Or perhaps something else? Please explain.

  • GladePlayboy

    Hey Cam,

    My point wasn’t aimed only at NSMB… I am on the periphery business wise of the bike world and I see fewer and fewer bike shops sending employees. It seems like maybe Interbike’s usefulness is waning, or that there is not much to report of any substance this year. I don’t know, but I see much better coverage of Eurobike and get my fix of new products. Interbike was disappointing.

  • onepunch

    I thought this was funny. “Haaaamer!! Ur late!!” And “u dont need this.”

  • skifreak

    Pretty sure Morgan was wearing plaid boxers…