NSMB Does Dirt Demo

Finding Jerks At Interbike

Video by Matt Dennison.
September 18th, 2013

Originally posted September 18, 2013


Interbike 2013 is a great place to ride a Fat Bike without having to buy it!

We don’t really think Fat Bikes are for jerks.


  • FlipFantasia
  • Midas


  • cunningstunts

    i’ll take one of each.

  • Jdot

    Morgan is da beeest

  • Jerry-Rig

    I lol’d

  • Sideshow

    That was actually really funny.

    Great to see the good ol NSMB funny bone in full effect.



  • boomforeal

    that was funny…

    …but i think you guys might have brought the jerk to interbike 😉

  • seanstdenis

    BHAHAHAHA!!!! MArz-Tchotchke. I wish my beard had the badassatude of Morgans.

  • buzzes

    this kinda shit makes mountain biking EVEN MORE fun to do and read about ….thanks for the real sense of humour!

  • Bentleysuper8

    Funny guy.

  • Hoz

    Great ending…whole thing was funny as hell. Thanks for that Morg!