NSMB Does Crankworx

Now That's A Paddlin'

Video by Matt Dennison. Posted by
August 17th, 2013

We roamed Whistler Village Thursday looking for a good time. The result? Arm wrestling with Stevie, cheese rolling with Reuben Krabbe, and lots of paddlings…

Are you faster than Morgan? Now that’s a paddlin’

  • walrus

    Best ever from Morgan! Good humour with my morning coffee.

  • semaj

    You’re the man Morgan haha

  • hypa

    “You’re just a little husky” set it up, and the faster rap hit it out of the park. Well played Morgman!


  • Buster Bluth

    There’s a touch of Cabbie and Mike McCartle in Morgan. At this rate he’ll be a Terry David Mulligan in 10 years.

  • FlipFantasia

    O M G….that was amazing!

  • rhystard

    you’ll be a much music VJ in no time morgan!

  • whitehonky

    Quality times at work.

  • Trevor Hansen

    Not just a pretty beard. Morgan you slayed that. Oh and Matt you were pretty good in the photo booth section.

  • slimdog

    Good stuff. More please.

  • LostBoyScout

    Solid content and perfect editing. Diggin’ it.

  • Timmigrant

    You owe me a new computer because your funniness caused me to spit coffee on the keyboard … and now it’s stickier.

  • mr_fungle


    Well done!

  • morgman

    Thanks all for the positive comments! Sounds like we should do this again…