Simmons vs. Shandro In Humiliating Climbing Challenge

Can Wade Climb In Snorkel Gear?

Video by Matt Dennison.
May 20th, 2014

The basis of the Brolympics is simple – two challengers go head to head and earn points in climbing challenges, with randomized handicaps. These handicaps may involve multi-tasking or physical impairment. Winning is simple; the climber with the most points at the end of the day wins.

Local legends Wade Simmons and Andrew Shandro were invited to the Brolympics for their elite climbing skills. Battling head to head, Shandro and Simmons will take on challenges approved by the IOB (International Order of Bros).

Judging will be handled by IOB Chairbro Cam McRae and brolunteers Matt Lee and Kaz Yamamura, while Morgan Taylor dons the striped jersey. Call up a bro, sit back with a beer and click play on the live feed below.

We’d like to thank Max Berkowitz and Andrew Santos for their help on camera, and of course Matt Dennison for producing the live feed.

Originally posted in May 2014.

Some of those challenges were just as impressive as they were hilarious.

  • Jon Harris

    I see some new party games to be copied there…..

  • Cam McRae

    Happy Birthday Shandro!
    These are tough climbs without any handicaps. These guys are master climbers. Seriously.

  • Gotham

    I’d rather see semi-regular content like this than the same dribs and drabs that Pinkbike and every other website post daily. Nice work to all involved, keep at it!

  • bennifer

    That was awesome.

  • rigzz

    We need more of these. That was so much better then all that press-release/testing/video of the day type of things!