The Natural Line

Steep and Deep in Squamish

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July 10th, 2014

There are some very sweet and very steep (mostly) natural trails out of Squamish. David Reid and his six year old son Griffin build the more human-sized but still steep goods while Pat Foster and Jeremy Norris build the really crazy stuff.

Alex Savage sent through this video, the third in his Epic TV series, and noted that his name for the project was “The Natural Line”. It may still be one of the world’s most inspiring trails, as Epic TV titled it, but you’ll have to decide for yourself.







Sources say that stuff is waaay bigger than it looks.

  • Cr4w

    I’ve ridden this sequence. Some of those slabs are so so steep in real life. Awesome video!

    • evtrin

      where is this zone i wanna ride it

  • so awesome. Loam and steeps.

  • boomforeal

    holy schnikes!

    • evtrin

      where is this zone in squamish alice lake? highlands? i wanna ride it

      • boomforeal

        sorry dude, the first rule about being shown sweet zones is “don’t talk about sweet zones (on the internet)”

        you’re not far off though. keep riding and exploring. when you are ready, the trails will find you ­čśë

      • evtrin

        youre totally right.. just got super stokked on it. and really wanna ride some gnar

      • Paul Watt

        Rode this masterpiece recently. It’s great because I planted the blocks on either side of the trail a decade ago, and now I’m getting to shred the same zones thanks to the hard work of the good people that built it. I think the little doghouse at the top might be a good place to leave offerings for the builders!

  • Sweet lines. Some major commitment there.

  • jeremy levin

    Great Edit. Love the music and those lines are mint! Take me there!