Mucky Nutz Bender Fender: Reviewed

Why Didn't I Think Of That?

Words by Morgan Taylor. Photos by Morgan Taylor. Video by . Posted by
February 18th, 2014

The Mucky Nutz Bender Fender is a product that through its simplicity screams “duh, why didn’t I think of that?” Just a few short years ago, I was slicing holes in old tubes and zip-tying them to my fork wondering how long they’d last. It was certainly easier to endure the eyesore on the front of my bike than to have dirt in my eyes.

All that mud on top of the fender? It would have been in your eye. Pro tip: install the fender upside down to keep it classy.

The Mucky fender sits under the fork arch, helping prevent dirt and water from spraying into your fork seals – which is perhaps a more important point than the mud in your eyes. To come home to clean seals after a muddy ride is to save yourself a few rides before inevitable fork service.


Zip ties work fine in a situation like this, but double sided velcro is nicer to your fork’s paint finish and easier to re-use. Just be careful in measuring out proper lengths to accommodate all five straps.

The Mucky Nutz fender is lightweight, durable, and stays out of the way. And, just like the old tube solution, an improvised version can be fabricated at home and attached with zip ties. Why, then, would anyone go and buy one? Even Mucky’s own photos will let you draw your own. Well, it’s the same reason people don’t patch tubes: it’s just easier to buy a ready-to-go product that comes with a length of velcro.


Plenty of room remains for big tires.

Mucky Nutz fenders also come in a few other flavours: the XL, which extends forward as much as it does back; the Butt fender which clips to your seat rails; and the Gut and Rear fenders which resemble more traditional downtube and seat post fenders.


The Bender Fender XL for extra water and debris control – which comes at an aesthetic penalty.

For about $15 at your local bike shop, you can pick up a fender that not only keeps dirt out of your eyes, but also helps keep your fork in good shape. No brainer.

What’s keeping your eyes free of muck?

  • mammal

    The plastic from a flexible loose-leaf binder cover works great in combination with the jpeg template from their website. Any color you like, even faux-carbon(Lyle);)

  • craw

    I’ve got one of these. It’s awesome.

  • Jerry-Rig

    this is a much better solution than the Mud Crutch as it will catch the mud when you turn the tire.

  • meloroast

    got one…although it’s sitting next to my bike which i guess is not the intent. will attach today then!

  • Bryce

    works well, easy to make at home

  • auzz-man

    my buddy and I both have one, it sure is nice not having to dig dirt out of your eye at the end of a ride

  • megrim

    This fender works awesome. Still the odd bit of grit finds it’s way past the fender when you turn your tire, but the fender gets about 90% of it. Well worth the “investment”. Also works pretty well in the dry to keep the odd rock from getting up in your grill. I should also mention that it keeps a bunch of spray off your googles in the bike park.

  • megrim

    Should also mention that it comes in 2 lengths; short and stylish like Morgan has on his bike; or long and more protective (like I have on mine).

    • morgman

      Good point – I dug up a photo I had of Cam’s bike and added it to the article. The Bender XL is not exactly svelte…

  • bornslippy

    Been using these for awhile now. simple and they work! I also put XL one on my bike’s rear triangle to keep the linkage and rear shock cleaner.