Mountain Biking’s First Music Video?

A Media Revolution

Words by Matthew Lee. Posted by
October 3rd, 2013

In the not too distant past, a marketing exec came to the brilliant conclusion (after several pints) that no-one had made a music video about mountain biking (so far as they knew). Sure kids these days set their riding footage to dubstep, but who could deny that a solid “rock ‘n roll” track got the blood flowing and viewers “stoked” to “shred” their mountain bicycles.

And so, the weighty decision was made to shoot a music video. Plans were laid, gear was rented, and a “wanted” ad was posted in the gigs section of Craigslist for musical talent. When the time came to shoot there was only one response for a band, and their demo was a bad Limp Bizkit cover. But the cameras had already been paid for and the deposit was non-refundable, so the decision was made to shoot it anyways. Because f*** it; we’ll do it live.

After all was said and done the footage was spliced together, and this was the end result:

There must have been one massive hangover after that bender…

  • Dirk

    If you scrubbed this video of the (bad) lip synching, it would be pretty easy to convince people that this was a trailer for Kranked 2013. Music is about right.

  • CoilAir

    Ugh… I’m glad there was an acknowledgement to how bad the music is in the article…

    If the point of all this was to make a music video, how is the lip synching so off?

  • morgman

    This music. It is terrible.

    Should have known, though, with a band called Dirty Shirt

  • counterpoint

    Notice when they sang about “hell of high water” there was a shot of bikers going through water? Pure Genius.

    • pete

      That’s not all. There was a lyrical reference to achieving goals right when the rider flicked a soccer ball at a net with their front wheel as well. I’m surprised (impressed?) that someone had the balls to claim ownership of those lyrics – I believe it’s the first credit listed at the end but I’m not watching it again unless it’s on mute.

  • kussma

    I think..the 1st one is that one… from robin thicke

  • Mihai

    Nice story, but far away from the origins of the video: is the band that contacted Commen├žal to propose a ride video for the song.

    • morgman

      Satire was the only way out of the deep, dark hole this video had taken us into…