MTB Reaction GIFs Vol. 3

Funny Cause It's True

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January 7th, 2014

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this collection of mountain bike reaction gifs should be worth millions. It’s no big secret that a few seconds of looping video can express the exact emotion you were looking for…


Congrats to Mr. Wilson for winning our MTB Reaction GIFs Vol. 2 bonus round! Leave your best caption in the comment section below and be in the running to win a fresh nsmb t-shirt!

#1. I got a 29er for Christmas!

#2. I got a 29er for Christmas…

#3. Only four months until Whistler Bike Park opens.

#4. When people fight about wheel size on internet forums.

#5. Blowing a pedal mid-trail.

#6. Riding down that power line trail overgrown with blackberry bushes.

#7. When my buddy walks around in his chamois.

#8. When Norbs got robbed.

#9. Realized I have a flat tire at the top of Garbanzo.

#10. Just went on a 12-hour epic.

#11. Finding out how much carbon rims cost.

#12. When the 2 minute edit I’m watching starts with someone taking a bike out of a pick up truck.

#13. Landed extremely nose heavy but somehow didn’t crash.

#14. New bike build just weighed in at under 25 lbs.

#15. Showing up at a race with a brand new bike.

#16. When your buddy sits up just before the top of a climb.

#17. Shuttling with my riding buddy in the summer…with a slurpee.

#18. Another person used “Awolnation – Sail” in a bike video?

#19. Car full of girls at the trailhead.

#20. Friend offers you a Powerbar.

#21. Friend offers you Shotbloks instead.


#22. First time hitting Crabapple.

#23. Cut your brake hose just a bit too short.

#24. Gear nerd friends are talking about head angles AGAIN.

#25. Looking at the map at the top of Fitzsimmons chair for the first time.

#26. Old guy tells you how cheap his 9-speed cassette was.


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Leave your caption for the bonus gif in the comments below…

  • Cheez1ts

    When user’s take a sarcastic comment seriously on the board.

  • Tuskaloosa

    haha nice one Cheez1ts

  • Alex_L

    BONUS ROUND: When your mom/girlfriend/significant other starts nagging about how much you spend on bikes and equipment and you just walk away.

    • Alex_L

      Correction *roll away*. My bad.

  • hendricks97

    The only correct response to why youre still riding at your age

  • Dgremlin

    Why don’t we buy you some new skinny tires for your bike.

  • phil.schaffhauser

    when your friend wants to go for “just one more” lap of Crank It Up

  • npapadakis

    When your friends want to ride Clown Shoes

  • Chantler32

    When girlfriend says she’s too busy to shuttle you.

  • dodgecitydoug

    Their expanding the subdivision. They’ve bulldozed your dirtjumps

  • dodgecitydoug

    Sorry son, no biking at Mt.Washington this summer.

  • TeCeBe

    Riding buddy bails out on you at the last second.

  • Bradical

    Sorry Son,

    I cant drive you..You have to pedal or push to the top of Fromme, there is No Shuttling

  • cerealkilla

    When someone tells you it’s all about the rider, and you really don’t need the best new thing.

  • MesaRider

    This is REAL love, you just don’t understand!!

  • KoxxBoxx

    You have to do your homework first!

  • pmorganii

    mom, “I just heard UCI published rules on enduro…”

  • 4Runner1

    I told you he wouldn’t want that new 26″ wheeled mountain bike. Who would want to ride on those huge circus wheels?

  • drummer_dil2


  • vogan

    When the shop guy tells you ’26 is dead’.

  • tom.lee

    when your long time riding buddy tells you he’s selling his bike for fund ‘more important’ things

  • Buster Bluth

    When Monica finally convinces you that frogs are more important than your cheap thrills.

  • warez007

    “No, really………my 29ers are much better than your old fashioned 26ers!”

  • KazYamamura

    When you find out you and a friend have the same bike but his is 63 grams lighter

  • superaug2000

    When a joey on the lift asks you “wanna ride crank it up?”

  • Brother Lu

    Damn! I just told my buddy how cheap my new 9 speed cassette was.

    • morgman

      To your credit, your son would do the same thing.

      • Cheez1ts

        I believe I was worse, discussing 8 and 7 speed.

  • snowsnow

    Hey Honey, why don’t you wear some of that nice bicycle spandex your Gramma got you? All daddies friends wear it.

  • syngltrkmnd

    Roll up to the Fitzsimmons chair at end of day for a sweep pass only to find they’re all gone.

  • jimcttt

    when a mate disses your trail…

  • buriedinpine

    Bonus Round (If its not too late): When your friend says, “I’m thinking about getting a fat bike.”

  • TheCrimp

    When your riding group wants to ride Bobsled again because Ladies Only is “Too far…”

  • KFC

    When my wife asks, “Do you really need 6 bikes?”

    In my head I’m thinking, “Does she really even know who I am?”

  • DeepCoveEvan

    When your friend gets a hard tail

  • martochkata

    BONUS ROUND: “When your riding buddy tells you “I sold my bike.”.”

  • adisonmacdonald

    Bonus round: When your mom tries to understand bike lingo.


    When one of your riding buddies pulls a brand-new aluminum FS 26er out of his truck

  • dmad_dood

    When your mate starts telling you that 650b is going to be the be all and end all…

  • matsquatch

    When your buddy tells you that they just want to do an easy lap

  • TheMountainRipper

    Just because I’m fat, doesn’t mean it’s a Fat bike!

  • lestock-kay

    “I just put a down payment on a recumbent”

  • cooky121

    Wait, let me just turn on my strava!

  • menehune

    BONUS ROUND: when theteamrobot posts a flow trail diatribe.