MTB Reaction GIFs Vol. 1

The Whistler Edition

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November 26th, 2013

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this collection of mountain bike reaction gifs should be worth millions. It’s no big secret that a few seconds of looping video can express the exact emotion you were looking for… and we thought we’d apply that to the world of mountain biking.


So, without further ado, we present the Whistler Edition of NSMB’s MTB Reaction GIFs…

Driving to Whistler for opening day

Finding out your friend forgot his helmet at home

Passing noobs on Crank It Up

Dropping in on the Canadian Open rock roll opening day

When I pop a massive wheelie in the lift line

Riding Crank It Up after riding A-Line

Watching people ride off the big GLC drop

When a joey won’t pull over to let me by

Choosing the wrong place to stop on the trail

When someone farts in the gondola

Driving all the way from Vancouver and the chairlift is closed due to heavy rain

When the chairlift finally reopens

Finding out your friend has beers in the trunk when you get to the car

Following your friend off Crabapple Hits

British friend borrowed your bike

A-Line after Crankworx

Me learning tricks at the Airdome

When overhearing there is a new trail in the park

Dropping off my bike at the shop

Picking the wrong spot in the A-Line megatrain

Riding Una Moss on closing day

Bonus Round

Bonus: Caption the gif above… best caption wins a fresh t-shirt from the NSMB Store. We’ve just re-upped on the Fromme shirts and added new Seymour shirts – get yours!


Leave your caption for the bonus gif in the comments below…

  • vorlaz

    Bonus caption:
    Finally jumping the large river gap.

  • Trigger2Lips

    Bonus caption:
    Finishing a season without breaking any bones.

  • oxburger

    Bonus: After a muddy day spent on your buddie’s bike

  • KazYamamura

    Captioning just for fun:

    Getting back up after crashing with style

    • Cheez1ts

      Gah, you and your need to be up to date on NSMB every hour of the day, I was totally going to write this.
      It’s perfect for one of those big long dusty whipouts that you’re able to get out of unscathed, and just dust yourself off with no problems.

  • walleater

    “Another successful night in Buffalo Bills”

  • ReductiMat

    SO much gold here!

  • Kieran

    Bonus round:
    Successfully loading your bike on the chairlift

  • Mike Gamble

    Getting a Strava Top 10 on Ninja Cougar.

  • Jerry-Rig

    “Here’s your rental bike”…

  • Jdot

    Popping a massive wheelie in the lift line GIF is amazing….

  • larrythe6

    Bonus: The moment after you pull a massive skid at the finish line.

  • DrewM

    “Sold — lightly used — DH bike at end of season (then boarded foreign flagged ship under cover of darkness to escape retribution)”

  • Stuminator

    I lol’ed.

  • sAFETY

    “Season completed without stepping inside the Whistler Hospital”

  • BillyFnJackson

    “Making it all the way to Whistler without taking off cruise control.”

  • 2whlogre

    Gnared fade to Black(pro line), got it all on Go Pro like a Joey…

  • Kever

    “After an encounter with a legendary Whistler cougar”

  • jbernardy

    Bonus Caption:
    3rd rider getting in gondola – Mission Complete

  • Tuskaloosa

    wife and kids dropped off at in-laws….time to go play

  • Jon_E

    Took the Singles line, Shared a chair with 3 Swedish chicks.

  • whitehonky

    “finally sold the last of the WTB MotoRaptors to another unsuspecting Aussie”

  • GeoffH

    bonus: Barhump like an animal in front of the coast mountain photography camera’s

  • rasheed

    Bonus: Just installed that $700 stem that’ll shave off 20g!

  • skiitsbetter

    successful bike thief sting!


    Walking out of some chicks hotel room sunday morning.

  • Maarrk

    Bonus: When you’re the last one down the mountain, and come skidding down while people are being turned away from the chairlift and watching you.

  • Matt L

    Bonus: Getting back on your bike after injury/getting your bike back from the shop/new bike/finally hucking something/saying your sponsored/beating people who were once better than you/beating people in general/just cleaned something your mates won’t/cant/riding a trail in roto nz/finally riding at whistler/finally getting a dh bike/ riding out something that you totally screwed up/free bike gear/winning bike gear/winning

    any of the above

  • Jon_E

    Finds a photo of a guy with same kit steezing it up as whip off worlds…..posts it as Facebook profile pic.

  • kevinbouch

    After spraying that guy next to you at the bike wash.

    • Matt D

      I LOL’d

  • MikeBrothers

    Passed someone in the lift line because they were drinking water

  • bgreg

    Finishing up a really ghetto repair because you’re too lazy/broke/scared of spending time without your bike to bring it into the shop

  • nzstormer

    Promised to teach girlfriend how to ride, dropped her off at the lessons center.

    • Matt D

      This is a hilarious visual

    • morgman

      Lots of great captions, but in the end we’re going with this one. nzstormer, check your email!

  • kito16

    Bonus: Sweeper lap of A-Line

  • The_D_Withing

    Bonus: almost eating it and somehow making it look sick and riding away like a boss

  • syngltrkmnd

    Any time you get a sweeper lap while your mates are ordering you a sleeve at the Longhorn

  • willywonka

    Bonus: “Finally got rid of that Fox 2013 CTD damper”

  • ademb

    This has got to be one of the best posts I’ve seen on here in a long time. So, so many lols

  • mattbeer

    Telling your slow friend with a flat, “I’ll wait at the bottom!”, after giving him a dead tube.

  • bizutch

    After popping the tire back on the rim trail side by hand with no levers for that hot chic (plain jane.

  • morgman

    Thanks all for the hilarious captions. We’ve declared a winner: nzstormer with…

    “Promised to teach girlfriend how to ride, dropped her off at the lessons center.”

    We’ll be running another caption contest next week; stay tuned!