MTB BASE Jump Goes Wrong

A Fairly Stupid Idea Indeed

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January 2nd, 2014

Who ever thought launching a bike off the Death Road in Bolivia would be a good idea?

Wow. Just Wow.

  • Uncle Duke


  • Oldfart

    That is just stupid in a Jackass stunt kind of way.

  • dkl

    Any of you that know anything about base jumping, was there something he could have done to make this work? was it just a flawed calculation to begin with?

  • wingsuit

    flawed calculation. maybe armchair quarterback, but based on the video, the combination of the slope and the speed (or lack thereof) theres no way he’s gonna get clearance. he *might* have cleared if he didnt have that 90 off opening, but with a pc deployment its just gonna take too long to open. Watching it again it looks like his bike bounces into his risers. Still think it was setup to fail from the start, and I’m guessing they assumed as much when they are lowering a rescue crew down before the jumps even taken place.

  • wizardB

    Firs thing that comes to mind is STUPID pet tricks