Morgan Taylor: Beardless & Fearless

A Matt Dennison Film

Words by . Photos by . Video by Matt Dennison. Posted by
June 27th, 2013

Well that settles it… the carpet matches the dog.

  • C.Lee

    Denver is awesome!

  • LostBoyScout


  • telebiker

    Heartless bastard! Trading Denver in for a common AM bike. For shame!

  • Bradical

    Great Vid guys, very entertaining with some impressive riding.
    My stoakage level has risen, must ride again ASAP even though I just got back from a ride

  • ceebee

    That cheered me up!

  • Werewolf

    Awesome! BTW – poor Denver! he should escape new owner anyway

  • Kevin_m31


  • xy9ine

    hella good!

  • Brother Lu

    Awesome,even Mrs Brother enjoyed it. Morgan’s riding real good.NSMB won’t need team riders anymore with him around.

  • jrawk

    Great vid and riding!

  • GladePlayboy

    Great vid and riding… that trail looks like a blast.

  • DrewM

    As per usual; Awesome choice of songs for the sound track… Matt Dennison is the Tarantino of mountain bike films in that regard.

    Very enjoyable.


    • Jdot

      you have no idea how hard you made Matt with that comment

      • Matt D

        10/10 would read again

  • marshmunkey

    I was enjoying that until you traded your Toller. I’d rather walk than trade my Toller.

  • klankilla

    ya that was superb.

  • klankilla

    one of the few videos i’ve watched end to end. (short short attention span)

  • DC

    Morgan, sometimes you just have to put up with the T-Swift.

    • pete

      He missed out on the girl but stayed true to his musical integrity.

  • FollowTheFlow

    I saw some Woodlot in there.

  • King of Fasia

    No Woodlot there, great video, love the dog and love that trail.

  • leggatt

    Great video and Morgan is killing it on the bike! Felt a little bad for Denver…

  • wizardB

    Nice work Gentlemen great fun and great camera work!

  • Aussiegirl

    How could you? I hope you are happy curling up with your bike on those cold winter nights. Great film though.