Mark Matthews: Slammed

From Rupert Walker's lens, a few boosts gone awry.

Words by Pete Roggeman. Photos by . Video by Rupert Walker. Posted by
June 25th, 2013

NSMB team rider Mark Matthews is a bona fide booster. His riding in Rupert Walker’s video short filmed up at the Whistler Bike Park turned heads (as usual). When it all goes right, he sends his Demo into orbit and brings it down as gently as a kitten in a room full of 3-ply. But when it all goes Pete Tong, that amplitude translates into some frightening ground rush. Thankfully he crashes with impressive skill, too. Here are a few shots that didn’t make the cut, for obvious reasons.

Do Mark’s misses make you cringe, or is back flipping big doubles in the woods just routine now?

  • klankilla

    AAA for effort!

    I imagine that is being really technical because of the high speed, shallow lip, and huge DH bike.

  • klankilla

    Its funny when your buddies ask if you are OK a split second after you crash.

    ‘I dont know yet yo!’