Kyle Strait’s Winning Rampage POV

Score One for Big Mountain?

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November 4th, 2013

Kyle Strait went straight down the guts and sent the sender… jump on board for the winning run from Red Bull Rampage 2013.

One trick… otherwise whips and style took Rampage. Score one for big mountain?

  • pete

    Someone show that boy how to point his helmet cam. Seriously underwhelming compared to McGarry’s POV.

    • morgman

      I would agree that it wasn’t as dramatic as McGarry’s. Do you think that’s because Strait went right down the middle of the course, and didn’t spend any time traversing on the ridge which was exposed on both sides?

      • Jdot

        The camera angle almost ruins it for me slightly. I keep straining my eyes trying to see what’s further down the line.

  • LostBoyScout

    Strait down the middle indeed! That was over quick. I’m sure like everyone else I was killing my neck trying to get the camera to look further ahead.

    Honestly that was a 3rd or 4th place run for me (even with a perfectly aimed POV) when compared to the other lines… but that’s what the internet’s for, right? Disagreement…

    • morgman

      They score the guts lines really high. I found this was a less trick-heavy Rampage than the previous one.

      McGarry’s three flips (all different axis) were relatively benign visually, but that line scored low last year and this shows how much McGarry impressed the judges.

      Zink also got the tech points up top just getting to the sender, and his backflip was legendary – but cruising in cost him.

      It’s a shame we didn’t see the second round through – things were getting shaken up.

  • Mmatthews

    As a rider we were given a sheet that gave a run down of the judging. It went something like this:
    Line difficult 25%
    Flow 25%
    Tricks 25%
    Amplitude 25%

    I think Kyle beat Kelly in line difficult and flow. Kelly’s flip was insane though. Rampage would be super difficult to judge.

  • cam

    What do you know Mark? Lol. Nice to have commentary from a rider who was in the comp.