Kranked Archives: Kamloops, 1997

Sun's a Shinin' and it's Time to Go Big

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March 19th, 2013

July 15, 1997, the alpha dogs of BC’s emerging free ride scene all gathered for perhaps the rowdiest shoot in Kranked-Live to Ride. Wade Simmons and Aaron Knowles seized the day and pushed themselves and their equipment way past the point of no return. Looking on with awe were, Richie Schley, Brett Tippie, the late Dave Swetland and Chris Lawrence.

Thanks to Bjorn at Radical Films for sending through this nugget – goes well with last week’s trip with Wade to the year 2000.

  • Uncle Duke

    awesome..the first 3 kranks were by far my favs..

  • Cabana76

    I went to UVic with Knowles. He did some crazy shit on that Cove Hummer.

  • Hola-Day

    I went to the premier of Kranked at Richards on Richards. The place was packed and the drinks were flowing. When the film finally started around 1030 the place went OFF. Everyone was hammered and was blown away by the tunes and the Awesome film. The first big production free ride movie. It was a wild party.

    • bjornenga

      Those first premiers were epic! Crazy good energy!

  • SubPlop

    where can I get me some of those yellow brake levers?? That was some classic gnar

    • satn

      Old magura hydraulic rim brakes.

      • SubPlop

        hydraulic rim? I missed that transition before they went to disks

  • bjornenga

    I made a small mistake on this edit, Tippie was not present this mornings shoot, and would have amped the scene way higher if he was there. Tippie, Craig Olson and Richie had been pioneering lines around Kamloops for years and it were the most familiar with the terrain. Apologies to Tippie for the blunder.

    • satn

      Thanks Bjorn. Kranked vids always inspire