Kevin Landry Trail Ride in Squamish

Banjos and Mandolins Oh My!

Words by . Photos by . Video by Artbarn. Posted by
August 6th, 2013

Kevin Landry attacks the climbs and sends the steeps for some pure trail bliss around Squamish in this edit from Artbarn.

Are we the only ones inspired to take up banjo now?

  • Jerry-Rig

    That’s a “Treasure” of a vid.

  • clarklewis

    more than a few tricky moves were made to look very easy, well done.
    ditch the pack and goggles.

  • boomforeal

    sick riding!

  • TRD

    So fun!

  • Mordax

    I *heart* Squamish.

    Stoked to recognize a few rock faces in there from recent rides… though he makes them look much easier than I remember them being!

  • cunningstunts

    2 things: i want that dam bike
    – my one day in Squish was not nearly enough, and didn’t take us out where ever this guy is riding! clearly a lot there to explore.

  • seanluge

    Fantastic riding and photography

  • ceejay

    wicked riding and trails. i guess i gotta get out and find these trails – only recognized a tiny bit of the trails he was on. But also quit being so lazy and ghg intensive mr. rider and bike to the trailhead!