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EpicTV Over the Edge Ep. 1

Video by Liam Mullany. Posted by
August 21st, 2013

Over the next few months, Liam Mullany at Absolute Zero will be putting together several “Over The Edge” episodes through the EpicTV channel highlighting different riders, locations and stories around BC. The first episode gets the series off to a good start…


For the first installment of Over the Edge, we wanted to strip away the distractions and start things off on a simple note. We took the fast, loose and dusty forest of Harper Mountain and let Kirk McDowall do the talking. As it turns out he’s a pretty quiet guy himself, so he just let the riding, mountain bike and environment do the talking instead.

Well, that kicked ass. Only one thing though: Kirk’s white knee pads and black tights look like baseball socks. Looking forward to more from this series!