Is Kaia the World’s Fastest Trail Dog?

She's Cute and She Can Shred

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January 13th, 2014

This one saw 33,000 views over the weekend – which is a good indicator you’ll probably enjoy it as well. Like many trail dogs, Kaia starts out behind the bike but quickly gets in front and never looks back.

She’s cute and she can shred… sounds like the perfect companion!

  • counterpoint

    Wow. Either that dog is REALLY fast or that rider is slow. Doesn’t a dog think it’s the leader of the pack if it’s in front?

  • walleater

    I love the skid when she comes out of the trail!

  • amrskipro

    Dog thinks its great that the owner is finally fast enough (when on his bike) to play a decent game of “chase me”. My dog has little bursts of dirt coming off its paws when it is cornering hard.

  • clarklewis

    that dog will pay for it in 10 yrs. i regret running mine so hard, lesson learned.

    • boomforeal

      i wonder about that with my dog. he stays with me on trails but when we’re in town i have to keep yelling at him to hold him back – once i stop he’s off like a rocket, skidding to a stop at the next alley or intersection

      but if he’s going to pay for it in 10 years i’m okay with that. better he spends his prime doing what he loves and breaks down at the end than spending his life being restrained. same with indoor vs outdoor cats

      • boomforeal

        in my opinion

      • Unkas

        I agree. The happiness and total focus my pooch radiates when on a bike ride with me is priceless. Dogs were born to run. I will stop here, so I don’t digress and get into the whole issue of perverted breeding practices based on esthetic goals.

  • tashi

    I think what affect this type of running will have depends a great deal on the dog. Some of the fastest dogs I’ve ridden with have been these herding breeds, and if you look at what they’re bred for (running flat out on uneven terrain all day) and take into consideration how light they’re built, I wouldn’t be surprised if running hard wouldn’t be hard on they’re joints etc.

    My pup was retired after 10 years of riding and he’s a 65-70lb Shepard mix. He’s a bit sore these days , but he’s 13 so it’s hard for me to know how much negative impact all the riding had on him. I do know that amongst my riding buddies dogs, the larger the dog the shorter the bikin career.

    IMO, I have no references other than my experience and discussions with my vet.

  • craw

    I thought this video was super fun. It was nice to see the change of focus around the dog rather than the rider.

    I always find it weird to use the title “World’s Fastest Anything” to describe something nearly untestable.

  • TheSpangler

    Awesome video and really makes me miss summer riding with the dog.

  • mattthemuppet

    That was a cute film, thanks! I love riding with my buddy’s dog Ellie. She’s part herder of some sort and she completely rips. The only time we can keep up with her is on flat out downhills or on the road. She’s way better on snow and ice than we are too, although her feet get cold after a while.

  • Alison J

    Where was this filmed? The scenery totally resembles the forest above Deep Cove, North Vancouver district (where I grew up in the 60s &70s /spent many hrs playing and hiking as a kid)