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Mark Matthews and Matt Dennison Join Forces

Words by Mark Matthews. Photos by . Video by Matt Dennison. Posted by
February 8th, 2013

The mild winters we experience here on Vancouver Island are amazing: significantly less rain than just across the Georgia Strait in Vancouver, and the past month has been pleasantly drier than usual. The lack of rain has allowed me to ride almost every day and spend most of my time on the hardtail riding dirt jumps; getting out on downhill rides in Victoria can be tough sometimes.


People are products of their environment and the mild weather and lack of quick access to good downhill riding creates an awesome scene of dirt jump shredders in town, but finding the time during the week to go for a quick downhill ride is more challenging. I had taken a break from the downhill bike and was greatly anticipating my next chance to get out for some fast trail riding.


When Matt Dennison told me he wanted to come over to shoot for the weekend I was 100% in! This is what we came up with in a few days… good times!

Nothing like a little Island vibe to start the week right. Great work from Mark and Matt on this one – and thanks to Scott Secco and Jason Lucas for providing production support.

  • Jerry-Rig

    sick Mark !

  • stephenmatthews

    Mark that was so rad! Awesome edit and filming from Matt too!

    Your DH swagger makes me stoked to ride!

  • scottsecco

    Yeah Mark/Matt freaking killing it! So good.

  • Cheez1ts

    So pinned! The trails look wicked too!

  • morgman

    YEAAAAAHHHHHHH dudes I’m so stoked on this!

  • LostBoyScout


  • Mic

    Now that was smooth riding, well edited and makes me stoked for the oncoming season. A wonderful edit. Thanks!!!

  • boomforeal

    damn! that was awesome

  • PinkRobe

    Kick ass!

  • sheffy


  • Sensi

    Wicked. could watch that again and again

  • maaaatt

    Hell Yea!!! soo rad! matt your skills behind the lens never cease to amaze me. supa talented. Lookin bitchin too mark. That stump bash was killer. ending sender was… a sender!! nice work team

  • Mmatthews

    Thanks everyone! Matt killed it, Secco and Jason also helped out big time!

  • iLalena

    That got me just a little bit excited! Nice work!

  • onepunch

    Holy, nice! Im glad the stump was plenty rotten for that jump.

  • cunningstunts

    i don’t like seeing guys getting hurt, but i sure don’t hurt to see these wicked riders bail sometimes! makes them seem almost mortal.

  • 4Runner1

    Awesome filming and smooth riding.