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March 12th, 2013

This is the 12th year in our team’s existence, and it’s dialed. We have had some incredibly talented riders, big personalities, and great people on our team over those years, but never has The Force been this strong. It is with great pleasure that we’re ready to introduce our team for 2013, and we’re even more stoked about the thought of all the inspiring photos, video, and great moments we expect to share with you as a result of their adventures in the upcoming season.

We’ll introduce the riders individually over the next few weeks, but we felt it was time to get the word out as photos and videos start to hit the airwaves. We’re also pleased to announce our sponsors for 2013. As in past years, our riders will be on a variety of companies’ bikes, but rather than starting with frames, our riders are now starting with full bikes as spec’d.

NSMB Team 2013

Once again we’ll be putting in hours on Expresso with co-adopter and title sponsor MEC, with heavy lifting from our other title sponsor, Toyota. Photo Morgan Taylor.

Our presenting sponsors for the year are MEC and Toyota Dealers of BC.

MEC have been terrific partners to NSMB over the past few years, as team sponsors as well as supporters of our Trail Fund (which has supported building projects on King of the Shore, Ladies Only, and Expresso), and co-TAP partners on Expresso. MEC is supplying jerseys for our riders, and carries a lot of the gear they’ll be using as well from Urge helmets, 5.10 shoes, and Race Face shorts and padding.

Toyota make trucks so tough, not even our team can break them. Our ’06 Tacoma is still running strong despite more adventures than we’ll ever know about, and we’re eagerly anticipating the addition of a new chariot to the team, but more on that later. We are very grateful for the support of the Toyota Dealers of BC over the years, and pleased that it will be continuing in the future.

NSMB Team 2013

Rain or shine, we’re putting tires to the dirt – see you on the trails! Photo Morgan Taylor.

MEC also appears as a bike sponsor, with two of our riders, Stephen Matthews, and team captain Trevor Hansen, both getting in touch with their German-engineered sides, riding Ghost bikes for 2013.

2012 AIRPrentice Mark Matthews continues to put his hard-won bikes from the summer to good use, thanks to longtime team supporter Specialized. Jerry Willows will also continue with a big red S on his chest, as he continues to supply feedback to the Specialized R&D crew.

Paul Stevens has a made a switch and at the same time we’d like to welcome Norco to the team. Paul has already broken in his Aurum and Range Killer-B, and is a happy man indeed.

Mason Mashon has been busy this winter and we’ll have updates on that later, but for the summer season, he returns aboard his longtime sponsor Evil.

NSMB Team 2013

Last year’s Team road trips were a huge success… we look forward to another year of adventures. Photo Mason Mashon.

On the equipment side, we’ll also be seeing continued support from Cycles Lambert, who will continue to support us with tires from Michelin, Maxxis and Schwalbe (all those tire choices will keep the lads very happy indeed), tools from Lezyne, and bike maintenance products from Muc-Off. Spank got us hooked on their Spike pedals last year and there was no doubt about running them again. We’re pleased to be continuing with long-time sponsors Dakine (gloves, truck pads), Camelbak hydration bags, and new for 2013, Dissent Labs compression socks will keep the boys’ feet happy inside their 5.10s. And, as usual, Whistler Mountain Bike Park will be serving the team with endless laps in the park all season long.

Thanks to all of our sponsors. Keep an eye on the Team Page for updates, our collective Instagram feed, and follow the guys on their respective social media networks linked below. Now, let’s introduce the team.

Mark Matthews | Victoria | Specialized

Instagram | Twitter

NSMB Team 2013

Mark, our 2012 AIRprentice winner, on one of the Team’s big mountain trips last year – now immortalized on the 2013 BroCard. Photo Mason Mashon.

Stephen Matthews | North Shore | Ghost Bikes / MEC

Instagram | Twitter

NSMB Team 2013

Stephen’s finding his way on the Shore after moving here last year. Photo Morgan Taylor.

Paul Stevens | Whistler | Norco

Instagram | Twitter


Paulo putting his 2013 Norco Aurum to work. Photo Morgan Taylor.

Mason Mashon | Whistler | Evil Bikes

Instagram | Twitter

NSMB Team 2013

Mason gets on both sides of the lens. Photos Mason Mashon / Mark Matthews / Callum Jelley.

Jerry Willows | North Shore | Specialized


NSMB Team 2013

Years after this photo was taken, Jerry’s still sending it on the Shore. Photo Cam McRae.

Trevor Hansen | North Shore | Ghost Bikes / MEC


NSMB Team 2013

Team Captain Trevor ripping it up right up the hill from home. Photo Morgan Taylor.

The NSMB Team is supported by:

Toyota Dealers of BC | Mountain Equipment Co-op

Ghost Bikes | Norco | Evil Bikes | Specialized

Race Face | Cycles Lambert | Maxxis | Michelin | Lezyne

Whistler Bike Park | Dakine | Urge | Spank | Dissent Labs

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  • stevens

    Yeeeaahhh! Stoked to be part of this for another year. It’s going to be a good one.

  • scottsecco

    Such a good team. I know Mark Matthews is crushing it this season and I can’t wait to see what the rest are cooking up!

  • stephenmatthews

    Happy to be on board for 2013! Great people, great riders, and everyone’s always keen for a spur of the moment trip!