I’m Faster Than You

Way Faster Than You

Words by . Photos by . Video by Matt Dennison / IFHT. Posted by
March 25th, 2013

Think you’re faster than Matt? Did any of his one liners hit home for you? Rap battle below…

  • Jerry-Rig


  • CoilAir

    Haha, we’re gonna loop this in the shop! So hilarious…

  • reegs

    That was so much better than expected


    Video of the year!

  • scottsecco


    • Identity

      I’m pretty sure all the cliche “MTB catch phrases” are just Secco

      • scottsecco

        True story.

  • GladePlayboy

    Made me laugh… good job.

  • sheffy

    Awesome lol

  • LostBoyScout

    Damn, that’s pretty catchy. And yeah, Matt’s faster than me. But I’m pretty effing slow.

  • IFO

    LOL, @ Vanderham’s reaction…


    loved the 29’er dig..

  • DrewM

    Awesome clip of the Lynn Valley Bikes Tuesday Night Crew (second most awesome regular Tuesday night ride on the shore)… oh, and Wade is there too.


  • Mordax

    Best parts were the cameo reactions


    OMG…jajajajaja…this has to be the best video ever…jajajajaja


    LOL! This is great! Must share!

  • Mirks

    loved this so much that I was inspired to make my own rap – ha ha awesome job. The 29er dig rocks.

  • jitenshakun

    Video of the Year candidate over on PB?

    This is one of the best vids I’ve seen in a while. With a steady string of hits (sh*t MTBers say, Christmas Song, etc) what’s NSMB going to do next?

  • roknfnrol

    I want my 2 minutes back.