How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit

A Simple Yet Sick Formula

Words by . Photos by . Video by Matt Dennison. Posted by
April 9th, 2014

If you saw the video How to Make a Mountain Bike Film last month you may have noticed a few things were missing. What about the pick-up truck shot? The breakfast shot? What story should I tell? How many timelapses should I use? What music should I choose? Matt Dennison took the liberty of answering all your burning questions and creating this simple guide to making your next sick mountain bike edit.

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  • Jamie Hamilton

    Like my wheels I’ll make my logo bigger… And add a star burst or 2, so enduro

  • Chris Petsche

    Clay Porter approves of the voice over.

  • Maxime Blahr St-denis

    lawlz at first i was pretty sure this was a serious video but then… lol this thing is hilarious !

  • Willem Kersten

    Second song???????

    • Stinky

      The one after dubstep ?
      It’s Fortune Days by The Glitch Mob.

  • Andrew

    Pretty sick edit bro.

  • Jack

    Whats the lana del rey remix called? sounds pretty sickkk.

    • Joel

      Blue jeans – RAC remix

  • ARGH

    “Paint by numbers like a true master.” Funny but true! This is the reason I watch so few MTB ‘edits’ these days. Boring!

  • Kuba

    Song name at 2:08 (when he riders this black/green rocky mountain in red t-shirt?)

    • Kuba

      I mean at 2:05

    • Banshd

      Rock you like a hurricane

  • James

    What is the dubstep song?

  • Jim

    what is the song at 2:22 ??

    • Nick Doney

      sail – awolnation

      • Jim

        thnx mannnn!!

  • Blake

    What font did you use for riders name?