How To Be A Road Biker

Follow These 27 Steps

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January 27th, 2014

Want to know how to be a road biker but don’t know where to start? Just follow these 27 steps…

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  • river29

    I think this is missing,”Ride down the middle of the road even if there is a bike lane that is as wide as the road it self.”

  • PinkRobe

    You forgot road SS/FG with brakes [for winter training], track bike [for track riding] and heavy-ass chrome-stay downtube-shifter carbon-free lugged euro-trash paint scheme “classic” with Shimano 600 or Campy Croce d’Aune [and tubulars].

    LOVE Dope/Not Dope.

  • semaj

    Wow Morgan, I didn’t need to see that much shaved skin lol

  • cunningstunts

    you missed at least one or two good comments about shoes with giant cleats that are utterly redonkulous besides elite riding. even then i have my doubts. and i used to wear the friggen goofy things.

  • dorse

    No how to recognize a road God. Like most gods, when you talk to them they don’t talk back.

  • Daisy Wheels

    Let’s not forget how easy it is to travel with your bike. Fifty dollars is the average price. Removing the forks and wheels, stuffing it in a duffel bag. It’s better than a bike case when staying at small hotels.

  • tundra

    How about “ride down busy traffic streets, especially if there is a designated BIKE STREET one block parallel”

  • ceebee

    “I’m gonna KOM!”. Pretty funneh, guys!