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Rider and Builder Jerry Willows

Words by Morgan Taylor. Photos by . Posted by
November 29th, 2012

Jerry Willows has been pushing his limits on the North Shore since the turn of the millennium, both on the bike and building trail. His lasting impression on the Shore is the now-historic Jerry Rig trail on Fromme, a progressive freeride trail in its time, that starts with an extremely narrow curved skinny that even Jerry wouldn’t touch these days.

Since the glory days of freeride, Jerry has been putting his gear through the paces. For years now he has done R&D work, most recently working with the Specialized Demo 8, on which you can see him shredding in this video filmed with Matt Dennison.

We bring Jerry’s story to you from the front lines of the new Shore, where turns laid with mineral gold link bench cut over innovative drainage solutions. The Shore has changed, and so has Jerry.

Some parts of the Shore haven’t changed. Photo ~ Jerry Willows

Were you around for the early days of freeride, or are you a newer convert? Ever ride Jerry Rig? Ever split your urethra? Spill your beans below…

  • clarklewis

    anyone else find that hard to watch?
    bit too much narrow depth of field focus slamming and jiggling for my old brain.
    go jerry!

    • Jerry-Rig

      It was a super dark day with the fog and rain. Matt had a 1.4 lens so he was probably wide open. I was shooting 4000 ISO at 2.8 was under exposed.

      • Matt D

        Yup. No choice unless I had a light. The camera was seeing more than my eyes could that afternoon.

  • IFO

    hey i dont know what the protocl for who gets a “hey, neighbor” article..

    but i’d like to nominate Sideshow.. Cory has been around the scene since caveman walked the local hills.

    and he has some CRAZYYY stories..

    anyways, carry on..

    ps good read about JR. btw..

  • Sharon

    Nice! Ya skinnies, been there done that.

  • DrewM

    Yeah, but how does Jerry feel about skinnies?


    [size=”1″], if you are taking feedback: at least one luddite prefers the old system re. commenting on articles through the BB.[/size]


  • Woodro

    Gold Jerry Gold! Loved everything you said Willows. Great tune, great vid again boys! Let the final word be shralp!

  • Jerry-Rig

    This is what happens when you ride skinnies:

    • puntorpass

      This is what happens when you f–k up riding skinnes! The sounds that came outta that kid,Jesus Christ! Looked like a neck breaker. That stuff is so yesterday, Gnar and flow only for this cat! God work Mr Willows and all the rest of the “TAP” ,now can we get some tripple blacks built?

  • flume

    Loved the clip – really captured the build day. Good times

  • NSTP

    It would have been nice to see some riding. Maybe not that day, but it seems like that riding has been involved in most other hey neighbor shoots.

  • Shaloamer

    I agree the best builders put in as many turns as possible. keeping water off the trail is the key to preventing errosion. Is there only one way to build a trail? I hope not. Skinnies and split planks get you over wet spots. I like fast and flowy trails. I also like trails with gap jumps and step downs. And I also like trails with cunning stunts made up of skinnies, planks and log rides. Variety is the spice of life. Thank god all trails are NOT built the same.

  • bkbroiler

    Hahahaha! I have a buddy who split his (thou shalt not mention) on the shore too! “shralping” “look around, choose your own ground..” Great vid!