Hailey Elise – Trail Bike Crushing

Tearing it up in Squamish

Video by Ollie Jones. Posted by
June 13th, 2016

NSMB rider Hailey Elise goes in search of loam and good times on the trails of Squamish for Ollie Jones’ camera. Come for the smooth riding, stay for the flying dirt, and, since it’s Hailey, at least one crash.

It’s short but sugary.


Looking to take a dirt sample – the hard way.

Hailey Elise and Della

Hailey and Della dog.

Who’s hungry for some loam?


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  • DJ

    i kinda like (and respect) the kinda crash that comes from being assertively riding the front of the bike and just getting it slightly wrong. not the kind of off the side crap i often have. her’s is a crash of talent as it were.