Grizzly Bear Charges Mountain Biker

Pants-Shitting Moments

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February 25th, 2014

If you ride in grizzly country, chances are you’ve seen these beasts in the wild… hoping you don’t get charged like this. Filmed last August in Jasper, AB.

Next time, don’t ride your bike downhill off the trail, mkay?

  • mammal

    Heading down hill ASAP is actually the best plan against a large bear. There legs get a bit tangled when they run down hill, and they can move way faster in all other directions.

    • Jerry-Rig
      • nick

        Myth #11- Now that’s funny! Must of been written by a tree huger… no way in hell pepper spray is safer then a shot gun.
        I grew up in bear country, as kids a bear would never come close to humans were I lived (lots of hunting). If you saw one it would run away fast. I find bear here (sea to sky), in national park etc… anywhere they aren’t hunted, are way to brave. They just don’t see us as being on top of the food chain and they should.

  • GladePlayboy

    I’ve had a few grizzly encounters while riding, but never got charged. To be honest it was an encounter with a moose that freaked me out the most.

  • Uncle Duke

    i want to get behind you

    what kind of bears are those?

    am i recording?

    oh man..

  • PinkRobe

    Food runs.

  • Villomitron

    Had bear encounters, but agree my craziest moments have been moose encounters, been charged tree-planting by a moma, and in a car in rutting season by a male!.

  • wa90


    He would’ve already been long gone if he’d been on a 29er.