Fromme For Sale

Own Your Very Own Piece of the Historic North Shore

Words by Morgan Taylor. Posted by
May 23rd, 2013

The 6th switchback could be yours in this once of a lifetime opportunity…

Located at the top of Mt. Fromme’s western flank, this stellar piece of dirt boasts a gravel road on both sides and no views whatsoever. While there was an abandonded pickup truck at this location just a few years ago, the area has cleaned up nicely since and it currently stands as a true wilderness gem.

Dangerous Dan’s iconic Ridiculator nearly drops right in to the property at just over 600 metres above sea level; the possibilities are literally endless on this PRO-zoned piece of mountain bike history. Think of it this way: when you live at the top of Executioner, who’s boss?


This could be your back yard.

You may be more familiar with the road cycling world’s use of the all-caps PRO designation, but the District of North Vancouver has its own definition. We take Parks, Recreation, and Open Space to mean mountain bike = YES.

Listed nearby amenities include recreation and ski hill. By recreation they mean your own pumptrack and as for ski hill… well, you’ll be snowed in for a couple months every winter. Time to put those dreams about living off-grid into reality.

In a cabin this sounds fine and dandy, but you’ll be in a tent. Why? Well, this triangular nugget of wooded perfection doesn’t allow structures of any type – but there’s always potential to apply for a re-zone, right?


The drawings are shoddy but the dirt is real.

Heading westward you have access to the boot-gnarled Peer Gynt trail, a name that means “crooked old man” in ancient Swedish. Due south lands you on Executioner, a historic line that has recently been realigned with sustainability in mind.

Set up a toll booth on these gems and you’ll have a nickel for every time someone rides the tiny bridge on Bitches Brew that should have been dead a long time ago but is somehow in great shape.


This property boasts the biggest back yard in North Vancouver.

We need to build a clubhouse on this land. A great chance for investment at a very affordable 99K. Who’s going to start the kickstarter fund?

Listing HERE.

There’s no place like Fromme. What’s your bid?

  • CraigH

    Check the PRO zoning document on the DNV site, as a park a caretakers residence is allowed. Just have to keep it less than 40 feet tall.

  • Paul Snyder

    I’m game to own a portion of that land. I’d put in a grand or two.

  • Bryce

    There also used to be a lot for sale at the bottom. And there are 2 on Seymour.

    The downside to building a cabin there is that poacher douchebags will constantly reopen it and cuttie the corners.

  • stpjax

    NSMBA? I’m in for a couple grand.

  • Duncan

    We should raise money and buy it for Digger …

  • Paul Snyder

    I’ll go along with Duncan’s idea. 🙂