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Old School Idea, New School Riding

Video by Scott Secco. Posted by
November 7th, 2013

An homage to New World Disorder: hand built fresh cedar bridges, Iron Maiden, and riding that gets better as the video goes on… Dylan Sheffer does it simply for the sake of wanting to do it.

Old school meets new school… who wants to do some hucks?

  • Cheez1ts

    Makes it look so effortless. Total trail boss.

  • DaveM

    that’s freakin badass

  • Bradical

    Well done

    Shit, you make it look easy and Rad.
    I have walked those trails and they are badass.

  • Brother Lu

    The man’s a beast,it’s hard to compare him to any other rider. Nice work Dylan. Good song choice.

  • Mordax

    At first I was thinking that trail looked fun as hell and totally doable. I was even wondering where it was to give it a try.

    Then it got ******* huge.

  • maximumradness

    i like the new school level with the old style of wood. you just get such a rad vibe from elevated drops in the canopy like that. super rad!